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2 years 8 months ago #1535 by Lisa19690_1
Replied by Lisa19690_1 on topic WASTE OF MONEY
We belong to CC and we do have a caravan and a Dandy. I have been caravaning for many years and our last caravan was 35 years old. I have to say I have seen a change in people who caravan. You get real caravan people who will help other members on site no matter the weather. I have indeed put awnings back up that fell down in winds when people were out. And you get people who own caravans but are not part of the community and look down on people. They are the ones that miss out on meeting some great people and making some great friendships. I do not care what others think it is what makes me happy that counts and helping where i can when on a CC site my fellow caravaners makes me happy.

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