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Sadly I have gone to the Dark Side (24 May 2017)

After years of running this site, I have now gone to The Dark Side. This web site will continue, but I really need someone new to take over.

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Topic-icon Could not part with Destiny

2 years 8 months ago #794 by Billbo
Billbo replied the topic: Could not part with Destiny
Had a total of 6 caravans over the years 2 with movers, wrecked a clutch in a petrol Mondeo because of parking area on storeage site. Could not believe how easy Destiny highside is to move from drive to hitch up and park on sites even on slopes or gravel. Bought a port a loo to keep Mrs happy and have awnings and utility tent for extra space on longer trips. Last van we had cost us £350 a year just to park and that was 26 mile round trip. Wish we had bought one years ago.

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