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Topic-icon leisure battery

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10 months 4 weeks ago #1665 by davieo
davieo created the topic: leisure battery
hi all.can anyone tell me how to rig a battery to my designer.opened the front box.the only wires there are charging wires i.v got battery charger and all the 12 volt accessories under seat at the cooker unit.cant get head round rigging it up.probably easy but electrics not my thing.thanks davie

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10 months 3 weeks ago #1666 by geprge17
geprge17 replied the topic: leisure battery
Hi Davie, when I got my designer I decided to use a 12 volt adapter rather than a battery it is much more convenient and most sites now have electric hook up. I bought a 5 amp but a 10 amp would probably be better, it would allow you to run more devices.

If you decide to go the battery route you will find the cable entry just behind the gas turn off knob in the bottom cupboard left hand side, the colours on mine are white for negative and white with black stripe for positive (check polarity). The connection to this on mine is via a socket behind the middle section see photo. If you are looking for a general feed then this is where I would look, connecting a plug and wiring this to a general plastic connector strip to power the devices would be my way to go. I would also fit a suitable “in line” fuse to cover the devices.

Leisure batteries need to be charged so keep that in mind and they need care even during the winter months that’s why I went for the lazy option :)


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