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Topic-icon What should it be?

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2 years 9 months ago #789 by Hippycrew
Hippycrew created the topic: What should it be?
Firstly sorry we not been around since saying hello but busy sorting Dandy and fitting towbar etc ... Not sure of the year of our Dandy but it is 90's blue and white , while checking it out it became clear that some bodge work has been effected as both front corner box sections have been repaired using tin and self tapping screws then liberaly covered in underseal . Did have my doubts when we looked at it but the rest was in such good condition so as welding in a couple of new sections is not a problem we let it go. Now to my question ,floor and what material should it be ? Looks to be fairly new Stirling board so assume the original has been replaced. It is winterised roof and walls and the the batwings on the door section do not have the tell tale rips on the top corners where they go when pulling up the door section with the wings.The trim around the van looks newish and the door hinges un-rusted at it appears stainless screws have been used on fittings Non of this is a worry but there is just something I cannot put my finger on about the Dandy. It was advertised as little used and yes condition of most parts would confirm this but the rot on front corners ,new cording on the PVC and newish floor just don't go with some other features . Again we are happy with our little Delta but would just like to piece together some history if possible, we purchased it from a chap who repairs and sells Dandy,s and we did in fact have our other one from him so knowing that we have a little knowledge about them we are just surprised the rot bodge was not mentioned as given my trade as a mechanic he knew I would easily tackle the problem correctly. So here,s hoping some of you fellow lovers can shed some light on original materials used on this model and I can gain some insight into what has actually gone on with our newest member to the family. Thanks in advance and will get some exterior pics of the trim posted as that is another oddity :unsure: Lol

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2 years 9 months ago #826 by NeilT
NeilT replied the topic: What should it be?
Fingers crossed Pat or another that has done a restore will be able to give some tips and advice.
There is a new (ish) thread going at the moment with some one doing a restore, perhaps as the Qs on that thread?

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